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Waldan Bridger

Walden Bridger was a Human Jedi Knight that served the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. At the time of the wars outbreak, Bridger had gone bald. However, Bridger was a brawny Jedi Knight and a formidable warrior. Walden Bridger was unique from other Jedi Knights in that he chose not to carry a lightsaber, but rather a San-Ni staff. Resembling an ordinary staff, when activated it split into three sections with stun prods at each end. The staff delivered a jolt strong enough to subdue an ordinary opponent and the staff became Bridger's trademark. Unfortunately, when Walden encountered Separatist commander General Grievous on Togoria, Bridger was no match for Grievous and his stolen lightsabers. He became one with the Force when Grievous cut him to pieces. At the time of Grevious' death, he had the deaths of over one hundred Jedi Knights on his mechanical hands, Bridger being one.