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Windo Nend

Windo Nend was an Aqualish Jedi Knight during the time of the Clone Wars. Known as 'Warble' to his contemporaries, Windo was one of many unfortunate Padwans to lose his, her, or its Master to the war. After Windo lost his Master, he was reassigned to assist the Jedi forces on the rainy, stormy world of Jabiim. Jabiim represented a major strategic interest to both the Republic and Separatist forces and a large contingent of clonetroopers and Jedi were committed to the planet to repel the Separatists and the native Jabiimi forces who chose to ally themselves with them.

On Jabiim, Windo was assigned to work in what became known as the 'Padawan Pack'. The Padawan Pack consisted of a number of Padawans like Windo who's Master had also perished in the Clone Wars. On Jabiim, Windo fought alongside Padawans such as Kass Tod, Maks Leem, Zule Xiss, Elora Sund, Vaabesh, Tae Diath, Aubrie Wyn, and Anakin Skywalker. The Jedi Master's leading the army on Jabiim felt that the Padawans' inexperience would be compensated by their collective strengths.

As the fighting raged on, despite their collective strengths, Warble and the Padawan Pack were no match for the Separatist and battle-hardened Jabiimi forces. One by one members of the Padawan pack fell to the onslaught. After a particularly bloody battle, Warble and the Jedi made their way to safety at Cobalt Station. There, the Jedi learned the Republic had called for a full scale evacuation from the planet. Unfortuantely, the evacuation ships could not land planetside until the rain cleared and the Padawans were all the stood between the evacuation zone and Alto Stratus' advancing army. Left without orders by the death of the commanding Jedi, General Leska, Warble and the rest of the pack were left to come up with a plan on their own.

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