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Xiaan Amersu - Page 3

Formidable enough to take on even a Jedi Knight, an army of these warriors would prove to be devastating to the Republic. Tragedy came when Oppo Rancisis fell in battle to the blade of the Dark Jedi, Sora Bulq. Left leaderless, the Jedi reluctantly allowed Quinlan Vos to take command, reluctant because of suspicions that Vos' loyalties had been compromised during his undercover mission to infiltrate Count Dooku's inner circle. However, Xiaan and the Jedi had little choice and on the night before the last battle of Saleucami the Jedi Knights held a vigil to honor Master Rancisis and their fellow brethren who had fallen in battle.

The next morning saw war come again to the desert plains of Saleucami. Master Vos had planned a two front attack - a direct assault on the Separatist stronghold would serve as a diversion to allow a second team to slip inside through secret passageways. The goal was to disable the shields and planetary gun to allow Republic forces in orbit to begin a planetary bombardment to wipe out the stronghold and its cloning program. Jedi Masters K'Kruhk and Jeisel led the ground assault while A'Sharad Hett and Xiaan led the attack from the air.

The mission to disable the shields was a success. However, the planetary gun was powered by its own power source and remained operational still preventing the orbital bombardment. As Xiaan and her wingmates approached, heavy fire all but wiped out the entire squadron. Xiaan was the only one to survive. Unfortunately, Xiaan had taken a heavy hit; her ship was going down, and soon she would become one with the Force. There was only one last act that Xiaan could accomplish as a Jedi. Aiming her falling ship towards the gun's power source, Xiaan went to her death with peace in her heart, in harmony with the Force, and as a true Jedi Knight.

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