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Yaddle's own admittance to the Council was based on the extreme trials she faced as a young Jedi imprisoned for nearly a century on a remote world. As a young Jedi, Yaddle was apprenticed to Jedi Master Polvin Kut. One of the pair's missions took them to the world of Koba where they were to help the colonists defend themselves against a ruthless warlord, an Advozse name Tulak. Unfortunately, Master Kut was betrayed and killed, and Yaddlw found herself imprisoned in an underground cave. As time past, Yaddle was eventually forgotten about by both the Jedi and the colonists.

Some of the colonists passed down legends of a being living below them and offered food and sacrifices to the enigma. Yaddle was able to sustain herself on these gifts and her Jedi training for almost a century. One day, massive earthquakes crumbled her stone prison allowing her to escape. When she emerged, she found that the colony had degenerated into a primitive state due to Tulak's legacy, and the earthquakes destroyed the meager life the colonists managed to eke out for themselves.

Once freed however, Yaddle did not immediately return to the Republic. She recognized how much in need the people of Koba were and resolved to help them rebuild their world. For years, Yaddle helped the people to construct the society that they had hoped for before their dreams were smashed by Tulak. She served as a teacher to the Koban children and even erected a memorial in honor of her fallen master. It was not long however before the past came back to haunt Yaddle and Koba itself. The heir to Tulak's legacy, a warlord in his own right named Kalut, returned to Koba to reap the rewards of the Kobans toil.

Yaddle was not willing to simply hand Koba over to Kalut and prepared for his attack. During the one-on-one battle, Kalut fell on his own knife and died from the wound. With little effort, Yaddle's work on Koba was finished, and she left them on the path to self-determination. Returning to Republic space, she rejoined the Jedi and told the tale of where she had been for the past century. For her ability to survive alone at such a young age and her work done with the Koban people, the Jedi granted her a seat on the Jedi Council as she exemplified all the qualities of a true Jedi Master.

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