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Z'Meer Bothu

Z'Meer Bothu was a female Jedi Master in service during the time of the Clone Wars. With elaborate hair, makeup, and jewelry, Z'Meer conveyed an air of calmness and fragility. When a young Jedi by the name of Flynn Kybo lost his master to the Separatist leader, General Grievous, Z'Meer was chosen to replace Jedi Master T'chooka D'oon as Kybo's teacher. In the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Z'Meer met her would-be student for the first time immediately after Kybo finished debriefing the Jedi Council of the events surrounding the death of Master D'oon.

The apprenticeship was short lived however. Master Bothu's first lesson she wished to conduct with Flynn was simple silent contemplation. However, Flynn's emotions were still high from having recently lost Master D'oon. Additionally, Flynn felt that the droid general should be hunted down and eliminated, a stance with which the Jedi Council disagreed. Silent contemplation was the last thing on Flynn's mind. After hours of meditation, Flynn's patience ran out. While Z'Meer remained in a meditative trance, Flynn was approached by Jedi Master B'Dard Tone and his apprentice Codi Ty. The pair shared Kybo's feelings that Grievous was too great a threat to ignore. While Z'Meer meditated, the three discussed their plans.

Seemingly asleep, Z'Meer was fully aware of the conversation that was occurring between the three Jedi. When she returned from her trance, Z'Meer scolded Kybo for his rebellion against the wisdom and decision of his elders. Z'Meer could tell that her new apprentice had chosen his path and resolved to leave him to it. Z'Meer and Flynn then found themselves aboard transport ships on a mission to Alderaan guarding the goods alongside a large team of Jedi Knights. Z'Meer discovered that Kybo had chosen to desert the mission to search for Grievous. Z'Meer did not discourage Kybo's actions, only warned him once more of the gravity of his decision. With that, the master-apprentice relationship between Jedi Master Z'Meer Bothu and Flynn Kybo came to an end.