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Zett Jukassa

Zett Jukassa was born Warpoc Skamini on the Outer Rim planet of Mon Gazza to Sembric and Ashielle Skamini who made a living as ore traders. As an infant, the Jedi recognized the Force-potential within Zekk and he was given to the Jedi Order by his parents who hoped for a better future than what Mon Gazza could provide. Raised in the Jedi Temple, he was renamed Zett Jukassa to sever any ties with his previous life. Zett Jukassa was raised in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant never knowing of his parents or the life he left behind. However, Zett possessed unusual memories of his family back on Mon Gazza. Zett carried these vague feelings and images of his homeworld throughout his training.

When Zett was seven years old these vague images turned into nightmarish visions following the murder of his parents. Despite not having seen them since he was an infant, the bond he shared with his parents was exceptionally strong, and their death created a shock wave in the Force that Zett felt across the galaxy on Coruscant. Following the murder of Sembric and Ashielle Skamini, Jedi Knight Mierme Unill was investigating the murders when she learned of Zett's visions.

Hoping to elicit clues about the murders, Mierme Unill received special permission from the Jedi Council to discuss Zett's past with him. Working with Jocasta Nu, head of the Jedi Temple Archives, the three pieced together Zett's origins and the clues that Unill was able to gather enough clues that led him to the criminal organization Black Sun and the henchmen responsible for the death of his parents. Following their arrest, Mierme Unill took Zett Jukassa as his Padawan having been impressed by the young Jedi Knight's maturity during the investigation. Unill hoped to hone Zett's precognitive abilities during his apprenticeship but the outbreak of the Clone Wars required warriors not seers.

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