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Zona Luka

Zona Luka was an alien Jedi Knight during the time the Krath was at war with the Jedi. With tan skin and dreadlock-like headtails, Zona was apprenticed to Jedi Master Dominus, also an alien Jedi. Already at war with the Krath for many months, Zona was one of the Jedi fooled into following Exar Kun to the jungle moon of Yavin IV. Kun had told the Jedi he had discovered secrets of the Force, secrets that would help Zona and the Jedi end the war with the Krath, and that the Jedi Masters had grown weak ignoring the power of such secrets, and withholding them from the Jedi.

Zona and the Jedi only followed Kun so that they might learn the secrets that would help them defeat the Sith; it was not a lust or thirst for power that helped them decide. Once on Yavin IV, Zona and the Jedi were attacked by the planet's Massassi warriors, and took up their lightsabers fighting off the large beasts until they were stopped by Kun. Gathering the Zona and the Jedi in a circle around an ancient Massassi temple, Kun had them watch as he shattered the Sith holocron he'd stolen from Jedi Master Odan-Urr, sending its shards burying into the flesh of Zona and the other Knights.

The fragments of the holocron, accompanied by the power of Sith magic conjured by Exar Kun put Zona and the other Jedi under some sort of a Sith spell, making them responsive to whatever Exar Kun would command. What he did command was an order that the Jedi Knights return to their homes and take up arms against their Masters; then Kun commanded the Jedi to murder them. Under the influence of the Sith spell, Zona traveled to the Jedi planet of Ossus, and there, sought out Master Dominus. To Dominus' dismay, he was unable to free Zona from the grasp of the Sith spell, and he was forced to fight for his life. Zona managed to mortally wound Dominus, but before he died, Dominus did figure out how to save Zona Luka from the Sith spell. Unfortunately, her salvation was at the cost of her life as well. Side by side, Zona Luka became one with the Force alongside her Master, as student and teacher.