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For some, the Force took on a divine essence. The Jedi believed that the Force had an inherent will that exercised itself over the fate of the galaxy. Such beliefs extended to the concepts of destiny, be it the destiny of an individual, a civilization, or even the galaxy itself. Indeed entire orders have devoted themselves to the study of visions and the foretelling of future events. However, all who studied such matters discovered that the future was never written in stone and the Force only offered visions of possibilities and reality usually depended on the choices of individuals. Many times throughout the galaxy's history the fate of many rested on a decision from a sole individual.

For better or for worse the Force has provided its users with abilities from the physical to the spiritual. Virtually every Force tradition developed skills in telekinesis, mind control, enhanced physical abilities, and the ability to foresee future events. However, there were some orders that unlocked secrets in the areas of alchemy, illusions, translocation, and even the extension of life. Although this tremendous power has been abused to wreak havoc and destruction, it has also been used to enhance the quality of life of many is has touched and has perpetually been at the center of galactic history.

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