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A'Sharad Hett

A'Sharad Hett was a Jedi Knight around the time of the Battle of Naboo. Born to the exiled Jedi Knight and adopted Tusken Raider, Sharad Hett, and the Tusken warrior woman, K'Sheek, on Tatooine. Born into the harsh lifestyle of the Tusken Raiders, A'Sharad grew up in trying conditions. Although the Tusken Raider lifestyle was difficult, A'Sharad was brought up a true Tusken. When he was still very young, his mother was lost in a desert storm, never to be seen again, leaving Sharad to raise him by himself. At an early age, Sharad noticed his son's talent in the Force and began to train A'Sharad in the ways of the Force.

A'Sharad proved to be adept at the lessons his father taught him and excelled quickly. Aside from being raised as a Jedi, A'Sharad was brought up in the typical Tusken tradition, which included his acquiring of his own bantha, the bond between Tusken and bantha quickly becoming very strong. When A'Sharad was about fifteen cycles old, many Tusken Raiders began to be come ill, and many died. Additionally, the different clans of Tuskens began to come under attack from various Tatooine forces without provocation. It was soon discovered that the Tuskens who were dying were doing so because of poisoned water and food reserves, as well as tainted toys that Tusken youths amused themselves with. This poisoning claimed the lives of many Tuskens and it was clear that action was needed. It was A'Sharad's father, Sharad Hett, Jedi Knight who discovered that the poisoning was due to orders by the Hutt crimelord, Jabba Desilijic Tiure.

The Tuskens called for war on the peoples of Tatooine, but Sharad, upholding the Jedi philosophy united the clans in a common effort to defend themselves against the perpetrators of the attacks, rather than innocent settlers and farmers. Sharad soon learned that the Jabba had planned to launch these attacks against the Tuskens to provoke them into attacking settlements, bolstering settlers want for arms to defend themselves against the Tuskens which would allow his weapons smuggling business to thrive. However, with A'Sharad's father leading the Tuskens, they attacked sites such as Anchorhead and Monchat Steep to weaken those sites as a staging area for more attacks against the Tuskens.

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