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The Abeloth Crisis
The Clone Wars
The Dark Empire
The Dark Nest Crisis
The Force Wars
The Great Hyperspace War
The Great Sith War
The Hundred-Year Darkness
The Jedi Civil War
The Jedi Purge
The Karness Muur Restoration
The Mandalorian Wars
The New Sith Wars
The Rebellion Against the Empire
The Reformation of the Jedi Order
The Republic-Sith War
The Resistance Against the First Order
The Return of the Sith Empire
The Revenge of the Sith
The Revolt Against the Eternal Empire
The Rise of the Empire
The Second Galactic Civil War
The Separatist Crisis
The Sith Civil War
The Sith-Imperial War
The Thrawn Crisis
Twilight of the Republic
The Uprising of the Eternal Alliance
The Yuuzhan Vong Invasion