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Agapos IX

Force-sensitive Sunesi. Ninth Priest Prince of Monor II after his father, Agapos the Eighth. Follower of the Maker. Rebel sympathizer and outspoken critic of the Galactic Empire. Objected to the Empire's mining cirrifog from the atmosphere of Monor II. Earned a death mark for his criticisms. Forced into hiding. Discovered by bounty hunters, Tinian I'att and the Wookie Chenlambec. Smuggled by Chenlambec, a double agent, to the stolen colony ship, Tekra Point. Continued his writings sympathetic to the Rebel cause while in hiding. Located by Iatt's long lost love, Daye Azur-Jamin, to learn the secrets of Agapos' healing powers and heal his wounds. Encouraged Azur-Jamin to seek out I'att who believed him to be dead. Relinquished the throne to his son, Agapos the Tenth.