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However, on their way back, they spot a lightsaber-wielding figure wreaking havoc in the cityscape below, chasing a man and a droid. Gathering up the escaping figures, Anoon and Darsha listened as the man, Lorn Pavan, explained everything to the two Jedi. Feeling the Dark Side emanating off the figure, who was in fact Darth Maul, Anoon knew that it was up to him to deal with the Sith marauder. Giving the controls of the transport to Darsha, Anoon ordered her to take Lorn and his droid back to the Jedi Temple to explain to the Council the situation.

With those last instructions, Anoon leaped from his transport to Darth Maul's speeder to attack him. Ending up on a deserted landing platform, Anoon and Maul engage in a fierce lightsaber battle. Despite his skills and reputation as a swordsman, Anoon is unable to find any kind of advantage over Maul and soon realizes that the battle is a stalemate. Anoon comes up with a new plan, one which he hoped would help defeat the Dark Lord. Luring Maul closer to his speeder, when close enough, buried his lightsaber into the speeder's fuel casing causing a massive explosion, destroying the platform and taking Anoon's life as well.

Unfortunately, Maul was not killed as Anoon hoped, and even more unfortunate, his Padawan, Darsha, disobeyed his orders, not willing to leave her Master to the skills of such a fierce combatant. The explosion destroyed her transport and once again Darsha was forced to make her way through the seedy underbelly of Coruscant, only this time with two vital informants in tow and with a Dark Lord of the Sith on their trail.

Anoon sacrificed his life in hope of allowing his Padawan to escape in order that the information Lorn had on the Sith would reach the Jedi Temple. Unfortunately, Maul managed to finally reach Darsha and Lorn and kill anyone who knew of his existence, allowing the two thousand year old plan of the Sith to take over the galaxy to continue to go forth.

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