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Antyard-Wo Shissan

Antyard-Wo Shissan was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic during the time the Separatist crisis held the Republic in the balance between survival and destruction. As a Jedi Knight, Antyard became one with the Force in an event that was a direct result of the Separatist movement. In the system inhabited by the Gotals, a group of Gotal terrorists hijacked a commuter transport, a terrorist act that prompted the intervention of the Jedi Knights. The Gotal group, known as the Roshu Sune, a militant splinter group of the Gotal Assembly for Separation, was believed to be responsible for a number of terrorist activities in their home region, and were believed to be responsible for the initiation of the Battle of Antar 4 during the previous New Year's Fete Week.

The battle drove many Gotals to emigrate to neighboring Atzerri, leaving Antar 4 and the violence behind. Gotal emissary Nathanjo Nirrelz traveled to Atzerri on a diplomatic mission, and it was here that five members of the Roshu Sune kidnapped Nathanjo along with 25 other passengers aboard a commuter. Taking the hostages to outlying swamps, where it was believed the terrorist held a base of operations. The only demand the terrorists sent was a pre-drafted copy of the Articles of Secession with a demand that the Gotal government sign the papers in exchange for the hostages.

While the Gotal government made plans to deal with the hostage situation, the Jedi Council on Coruscant sent a Jedi task force, led by Jedi Master Sarrissa Jeng, of which Antyard was a member. Unfortunately, the situation could not be put to an end without bloodshed. Initially, Sarrissa and the Jedi were negotiating with the Gotal terrorists when those guarding the hostages panicked and opened fire on them. In order to protect the captives, the Jedi were forced to engage the terrorists in order to protect the hostages. During the ensuing battle, a Gotal terrorist detonated thermite gel bomb, setting the transport aflame.

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