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Aruden Kej

Aruden Kej was a Jedi Knight during the Old Republic, during the time that galaxy was in turmoil due to an increasing separatist faction. Among the Jedi Knights, Aruden learned to become an excellent pilot, and served the Jedi Knights on many missions where starfighter pilots were needed. One such mission was to deal with a group of Iridium pirates of the Atrivis Sector. Previously, the pirates had been raiding grain and spice shipments for the Separatists, led by former Jedi Knight, Count Dooku.

Led by Jedi Masters Belsed-Qan Idan and Kit Fisto, the task force was originally sent to work out a non-violent solution, however, the negotiations never took place as the pirates opened fire on the Jedi and clearly indicated the pirates frame of mind. Using the newly designed Jedi Delta-7 starfighters, Aruden and the Knights accompanied the Republic ship, Monitor III. The pirates were using a combination of warpod pinnaces, Longprow attack cruisers, and Z-95 Headhunter starfighters. Additionally, the pirates employed their unique and dangerous gem weaponry to use against the task force, and actually succeeded in critically damaging the Monitor III, and almost completely destroying it.

It was saved however by the swiftness of the Delta-7 ships, piloted by Aruden and other Jedi. Unfortuantely, while the pirates were defeated, they did manage to rack up some Jedi casualties. Among others, Aruden Kej was killed in a dogfight with a Z-95 headhunter while making an attack run on the Longprow cruisers. A member of the Jedi Order, Aruden Kej died upholding what the Jedi pledged to do, protect peace and justice throughout the galaxy. On the day in the Artivis Sector, Aruden Kej became one with the Force.