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Ashka Boda

Ashka Boda was a Jedi Knight during the time Emperor Palpatine was effecting to take over the galaxy. Ashka Boda proved to be of particular interest among Emperor Palpatine for what he held in his possession, a Jedi holocron. This holocron was constructed by Bodo Baas, descendent of the legendary Vodo-Siosk Baas, and a group of Jedi in the Adega System about six hundred years prior.

Passed along from Jedi to Jedi, it soon came into the hands of Ashka Boda, its new keeper. On Coruscant, Ashka Boda was part of the Jedi Temple Librarian Assembly, where he worked alongside Jedi Master Yaddle. Together they maintained the library's immense collections of ancient texts, scrolls, and holocrons. He added Bodo Baas' holocron to the collection so that all Jedi could learn from the ancient Master's teachings.

During the Jedi Purge, Ashka made an attempt to hide from the Emperor while saving as many artifacts from the Jedi Temple as possible. Jedi Master Baas' holocron was one of those he managed to save. He was eventually discovered and captured. Emperor Palpatine, a merciless Dark Lord of the Sith, and showed Ashka no mercy. He was killed and the holocron was stolen, only to join the Emperor's growing collection of artifacts and texts.