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Ausar Auset

Ausar Auset was a Nikto Jedi of the Old Republic and in service during the time of the Clone Wars. Of the desert sub-species of Nikto, Ausar's natural physical attributes helped him to excel in the physical duties of a Jedi such as combat and war. Subsequently, Ausar was a great asset to the Jedi Order when the Clone Wars engulfed the galaxy. Towards the end of the war, Ausar was sent to the planet of Saleucami to help contain a separatist plot which, if successful, might have turned the tide of the war towards the Separatists' advantage.

On Saleucami, the Separatist initiated a scheme to combine two of the greatest warrior sects the galaxy had ever seen: the aloof Anzati and the fiercesome Morgukai warriors. The Morgukai were of the same species as Ausar and were more than a match for the average Jedi. Thought to be extinct, the Morgukai tradition lived on in the form of Tsyr and his son Bok. When Tsyr died, Bok remained the last of the Morgukai. The Anzati were an ancient and private species tales of which served as horror stories to the inhabitants of the galaxy. Tradition would have the Morgukai and Anzati as mortal enemies, but war makes for strange bedfellows.

Under the leadership of Count Dooku, the Sith Lord tasked Dark Jedi Sora Bulq to organize a Morgukai cloning program deep within the catacombs that ran underneath Saleucami. Once hatched, the Morgukai clones would be trained by the Anzati assassins creating a warrior the likes of which the galaxy had rarely seen. When the Jedi learned of this plan, the Order committed many Jedi to the containment of this plan. Ausar Auset was one of the many Jedi sent to Saleucami to engage the Separatist forces there.

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