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Awdrysta Pina

Awdrysta was a Jedi Master during the First Great Schism. Towards the end of his career as a Jedi, Awdrysta spent his time chasing down the Dark Sider, Arden Lyn. Lyn was a member of the Followers of Palawa as well as a master at the martial art of teräs käsi, and had been using the dark side of the Force to terrorize the galaxy during the First Great Schism.

Finally cornering Arden Lyn, Awdrysta was prepared to rid the galaxy of her evil, however Lyn used a powerful Kashi Mer talisman to destroy Awdrysta. However, before he passed into the Force, Awdrysta was able to use the secret Jedi technique of mortichro to cease all of Lyn's body functions, ultimately resulting in the stoppage of her heart. Unfortunately, Awdrysta's efforts were in vain, and Lyn was somehow able to survive the attack on her body. Awdrysta passed into the Force without having ultimately defeating Arden Lyn, and she appeared even millennia later during the Jedi Purge. However, Awdrysta Pina passed into the Force a Jedi Master.