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Axton Tredway

Axton Tredway was a Jedi Knight during the closing years of the Old Republic. He was descended from the Tredway family that owned 24 Tredway Asteroid in the Sil'Lume Asteroid Belt. A family man as well as a Jedi Knight, Tredway was married to a pretty wife and two children named Dena and Erling Tredway. Tredway was in service to the Jedi Knights during the time they fought in the Clone Wars and became good friends with the infamous Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker.

The two became good friends and Axton was even able to introduce Skywalker to his family. However, the horrors of war and the state the Old Republic was in left Axton hollow and saddened. Things did not get better, as years later when Emperor Palpatine took control of the galaxy, Axton was soon targeted by the Emperor's henchmen for extermination. Darth Vader soon came for Tredway and murdered him at his home on 24 Tredway Asteroid.

A former friend of the once Anakin Skywalker, Tredway had become one with the Force. Although shaken, his family carried on and his wife supported the children until they were old enough to join the Alliance and rebel against Emperor Palpatine's New Order. However, the two earned great anger from Imperial Governor Sebastian Parnell, and in his attempt to hunt down Alliance soldiers, destroyed 24 Tredway Asteroid, killing Axton's wife and injuring his children.