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Bant Eerin

Bant Eerin was a Mon Calamari Jedi Knight during the time that Obi-Wan Kenobi studied there as well, and the two were very good friends. Bant was known for he silver eyes which stood out against her skin and distinguished her; they were a feature that all easily recognized and remembered about her. Bant was studying at the Jedi Temple during a great time of excitement. She was there when Obi-Wan and his Master, Qui-Gon Jinn traveled to Melida/Daan to help mediate a struggle between a group calling themselves The Young, struggling against their elders.

There, Obi-Wan felt that this was a cause he felt was worth fighting for, and despite Qui-Gon's warnings, forsook his Jedi oath to help with the struggle. Bant blamed Qui-Gon for letting Obi-Wan do this, but regardless of her anger with him, she assisted him when the Dark Jedi Xanatos infiltrated the Jedi Temple and items were stolen from the Temple. Qui-Gon and and Jedi Master Tahl suspected that the stolen items were hidden at the bottom of the lake in the Garden of the Temple, and they asked Bant to assist them in locating the items.

Bant dived into the lake, however, she was almost killed by Xanatos and his accomplice, Bruck Chun, a student at the Temple. Almost dying at the bottom of the lake, Bant was saved by Obi-Wan Kenobi, who had returned from Melida/Daan and had been accepted back into the Jedi Order. The incident with Xanatos was finally resolved, however, it also resulted in the death of Bruck Chun. The Chun family blamed the Jedi for their son's death, and attempted to sabotage the Jedi starfighter training facility on Centax 2. Jedi Master Tahl had investigated these sabotage missions and finally discovered that it was the Chun family behind it. After this investigation, Tahl returned to Coruscant and took Bant as her Padawan.

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