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Belsed-Qan Idan

Belsed-Qan Idan was a Jedi Master during the Old Republic around the time of the Separatist movement. The Separatists gained a considerable amount of followers, and soon became a legitimate threat to the Republic. Increased Separatist activity, most of which threatened the peace the Jedi fought to maintain in the galaxy was what led to Belsed-Qan heading out a Jedi task force to deal with pirates. Iridium pirates from the Atrivis Sector had become a serious menace to Republic spice and grain convoys in the sector.

Stealing the shipments for the Separatists, it soon became obvious that a solution was imperative. Putting together a group of Jedi and diplomats, Belsed-Qan led the team alongside Jedi Master Kit Fisto to meet with the pirates. The Jedi understood, however, that they were in fact dealing with pirates, and as a precaution brought along a team of Jedi piloting the recently designed Jedi Delta-7 starfighter as a precaution. With the Republic capital ship, Monitor III, the Jedi left for what was meant to be a diplomatic mission. However, this was not how the mission ended up.

The pirates fired on the Jedi making clear what their intentions were, and soon, the Atrivis Sector was the site of a serious space battle. The pirates used a small collection of warpod pinnaces, two Longprow cruisers, and a number of Z-95 Headhunter starfighters, as well as their extremely powerful gem technology weaponry. The pirates proved formidable adversaries, crippling the Monitor III, and unfortunately taking the lives of a number of Jedi.

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