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Bodis-Ker Vitan

Bodis-Ker Vitan was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic around the time an uprising of Separatists threatened to break away from the Republic. Led by Count Dooku, the Separatists created many problems as more and more worlds joined their cause, as old interplanetary disputes resurfaced to stretch the duties of the Jedi Knights, and as pro-Separatist uprisings claimed the lives of many individuals on many worlds.

Bodis-Ker Vitan was the watchman of the Mid-Rim world of Cadinth and unfortunately, an uprising in the city of Saskapeg resulted in the deaths of many citizens, including Bodis-Ker Vitan. After these unfortunate events, Cadinth loyalty to the Republic was in questions as the Prime Oligarch of Cadinth, Rankwin Fopow, stated that the Cadinth government was undecided with whom to side. Bodis' death was one of many plaguing the ranks of the Jedi Knights during these dark times.