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Bolook was a Twi'lek Jedi Knight during the time of Darth Malak's war of the Star Forge. He was stationed on the planet of Dantooine and stayed at the Jedi Academy that resided there. At the height of the war, Bolook was dispatched to investigate a disturbance between three of Dantooine's native residents, Handon Guld, Rickard Lusoff, and Calder Nettic. When the memory-wiped Jedi, Revan, passed through Dantooine to refresh his Jedi training and continue his quest for the Star Forge, Bolook solicited Revan's help in solving the matter.

When Revan joined Bolook at the crime scene, Calder Nettic lay dead on the ground with Rickard Lusoff in possession of a hunting rival. The two men's stories conflicted as to the course of events which led to Nettic having been shot. Bolook asked Revan if he would help him sort out the truth from the lies. In the end it was discovered that both Handon Guld and Rickard Lusoff were responsible for Nettic's death after the two conspiried to murder Nettic when Handon discovered the man was having an affair with his wife. With Revan's help, Bolook took both suspects into custody, bringing them both to justice.