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Cale Berkona

Cale was a Human Jedi Knight thousands of years before the Sith enacted their revenge on the Jedi Order, wiping it out and establishing the Galactic Empire. During Cale's time, the Jedi Order spanned across the galaxy, but it was not without its own threats to peace. Cale served the Jedi Order during the time of Exar Kun and his quest to bring about the rebirth of the Sith. Having survived the Sith Wars, Cale joined in the reconstruction effort to help rebuild the galaxy from the devastation it had suffered at the hands of the Sith Lord.

It was during this reconstruction that the Jedi soon discovered another great threat to the Order. However, this time the threat was not man made, but was a natural one. As the reconstruction efforts proceed across the galaxy, a number of Jedi Knights vanished. Some Knights turned up dead, their bodies horribly mutilated. The Jedi Council investigated these incidents and discovered a great beast, known as the terentatek, was behind the slayings. Deeming these beasts too dangerous to be left alive, the Jedi Knights banded together to destroy them in what came to be known as The Great Hunt.

Three years after the war of Exar Kun, Cale found himself on Tatooine alongside Jedi Knights Duron Qel-Droma, Shaela Nur, and Guun Han Saresh looking for any remaining terentateks. But the terentaks did not gain their reputation without cause, and during one fight, Cale found himself pinned beneath the giant claw of one of the last of the great beasts. If it were not for the valiant efforts of his teammates, Cale would have surely become one with the Force that day. Injured but alive, Cale and the Jedi returned to Dantooine where the Jedi Council declared the Great Hunt officially over. However, there was one more beast that need to be dealt with, unofficially. As Qel-Droma, Nur, and Saresh were some of the best hunters of the Order, they were given the task to find this last beast and kill it. Before Guun Han Saresh left for the mission, Cale said his goodbyes to his old friend. It would be the last time the Jedi Knight would ever see him.