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Cere Junda

Jedi Knight and Seeker during the twilight of the Republic. Apprenticed to Jedi Master Eno Cordova. Tasked by the Jedi Council with overseeing the excavation of an ancient Zeffo Temple in the Fylar region of Ontotho. Sided with the Fylar Freedom Fighters in their struggle against the Ontothon government and the Daa Corporation. Knighted as a Jedi following her role in the Battle of Ontotho. Took Trilla Suduri as her Padawan. Survived Order 66 and went into hiding with several Jedi younglings. Eventually captured by the Empire. Gave up Sunduri under torture in the Fortress Inquisitorius on Nur. Mocked by her former Padawan reborn as Imperial Inquisitor the Second Sister. Succumbed to the Dark Side enabling her escape. Severed her connection to the Force and went into exile. Teamed up with the Latero, Greez Dritus, captain of the Stinger Mantis. Rescued Cal Kestis from the Second Sister and the Ninth Sister on Bracca. Mentored the young Jedi during the quest for the holocron of Eno Cordova. Followed Cordova's clues from Bogano to Zeffo to Kashyyyk to Dathomir. Infiltrated the Fortress Inquisitorius to recover the stolen Cordova holocron from the Second Sister. Injured, nearly drowned, and touched again by the Dark Side while battling Darth Vader during the escape from Nur. Agreed to destroy the Cordova holocron to protect the Force-sensitives throughout the galaxy.