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Codi Ty

Codi Ty was a male Togruta Jedi Knight apprenticed to Jedi Master B'Dard Tone during the Clone Wars. Codi was apprenticed to Master Tone after the Coway Jedi lost his former Padawan at the Battle of Nadiem to General Grievous. Losing his arm as well as former Padawan in the battle, Jedi Master Tone believed that stopping General Grievous should be the Jedi's top priority, an attitude Codi Ty came to agree with. On Coruscant, Codi Ty and Master Tone learned that another Jedi survived an encounter with General Grievous and also believed he should be eliminated.

This Jedi's name was Flynn Kybo, and he confronted Grievous on the planet of Vandos where his Master, T'chooka D'oon, was killed. Upon returning to Coruscant, Kybo was reassigned to Jedi Master Z'Meer Bothu. Codi Ty and Tone approached Kybo looking to put together a small team of Jedi to locate and assassinate Grievous. Kybo had similar ideas, but had already been forbidden by the Jedi Council from any such action as it was not ready to sanction assassination. Codi Ty, Master Tone, and Kybo knew their plans would go against the Jedi Council's mandate, but they knew he had to be stopped.

As they put their plan into motion, B'Dard Tone chose the insignificant planet of Bryndar to begin their search. While they waited for Flynn Kybo to join them, the Jedi used Codi Ty's astromech droid to monitor subspace communications looking for any trace of Grievous that might led them to him. When Flynn Kybo joined the two, he began looking for volunteers that would be willing to join the Jedi on their mission. Kbyo found a grizzled miner by the name of Stellskard. He came from Banvhar station as was one a few survivors from an attack by General Grievous. The surviving miners thirsted for revenge and the Jedi had their squad.

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