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Corask Slen'da

Corask Slen'da was a Bothan Jedi Knight during the time the Toka reacquired their lost consciousness and returned to their ancient Sharu forms. A Jedi archaeologist, Corask became the head of the Obroan Institute for Archaeology on Rafa IV in the frontier of space known as the Centrality. There, he and other scientists hoped to explore the wealth of information that has become available about the ancient civilization since their awakening. Additionally, they were interested in the technology behind the Sharu's life crystals, which increased the vitality and intelligence of those who wore them.

Desired by people all over the galaxy for their mystical effects, the lift crystal trade was a source of immense wealth for those involved. After their awakening, the Sharu had little interest in galactic affairs and effectively closed their borders. Life crystals became all but impossible to find. However, the Sharu soon realized they could not isolate themselves from the galaxy completely as there were goods they needed to import. It was then that Scrivinir, the title of the supreme authority in the Centrality, Sris Lehhett made a deal with the Sharu.

Fleet Admisal Sris Lehhett convinced the Sharu to open up the life crystal trade in exchange for workers to harvest the crystals in the orchards. The Sharu were eager to complete their transformation back to their ancient forms, and they could accelerate this by draining the life energies of these workers. Essentially mindless drones, these workers made sure that a steady supply of life crystals were available for the market to ensure Lehhett's prosperity, and Lehhett would ensure that the Sharu were supplied with a steady stream of workers to exploit.

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