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Daakman Barrek

Daakman Barrek was born into a life of privilege during the Old Republic. The son of two professors on the world of Mrlsst, Daakman's Force-potential was first discovered by his own mother during a blood test she administered, as she was a famous geneticist. However, while most families weep as the Jedi come to take their children away never to be seen again, Daakman's parents made the initial contact with the Jedi regarding their son's Force-potential. They has high hopes for their son, that one day he would do great things serving the Jedi and the Republic.

Daakman's Force-potential was indeed strong, and the young student excelled at his Jedi studies. In his mid-thirties, Daakman successfully completed the training of his first Padawan, which attained him the rank of Jedi Master. His second Padawan was a young Jedi by the name of Sha'a Gi whom he was training at the outbreak of the Clone Wars. Daakman and Sha'a Gi were in the Outer Rim harassing pirates when the Battle of Geonosis occurred. When the Jedi Master received word that his first student had died at Geonosis, Barrek threw himself fully into the Clone Wars, accepting a General's position in the Grand Army of the Republic.

Along with his Sha'a Gi and a contingent of Clone Troopers, Daakman worked to gather intelligence for the Republic of Separatist activities and eventually uncovered massive effort to increase the Separatist army's battle droid forces. Secret factories on the world of Hypori were churning out new battle droids at incredible speeds. Daakman was part of a Jedi task force that consisted of himself, his Padawan, and the Jedi Knights Shaak Ti, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Aayla Secura, Tarr Seirr, and the Whipid Jedi K'Kruhk.

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