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Darrin Arkanian

Darrin Arkanian was a Sullustan Jedi Knight during the time Emperor Palpatine took control of the galaxy and began hunting down the Jedi Knights. Darrin was somewhat of and idealist and a dreamer and learned to cherish life and tried to make his life a model of peace and contemplation. Even as the Emperor came to power and began his tyrannical rule, Darrin believed that things would be ok as long as he and his fellow Jedi put their trust in the Force. However, as Darrin witnessed his fellow Jedi hunted down and slain, he realized his error in judgment.

Realizing that the Jedi must live on, Darrin took a young apprentice, Corwin Shelvay, and together, the two roamed the Outer Rim searching for more Jedi who might have survived. Along the way, Darrin taught his pupil in the ways of the Force and raised him up as a Jedi Knight. However, Darrin was often concerned about Corwin's quick temperedness and his desire to take the fight to the Empire. Often, Darrin had to warn Corwin to learn to control his emotions, but nonetheless, Darrin was proud of his Corwin's advancement.

Eventually, Darrin and Corwin became wanted men by the Emperor and he sent Imperial forces to capture them. Darrin and Corwin were pursued across the galaxy and managed to escape capture more than once. Soon however, their luck ran out, and while Corwin was captured, Darrin managed to escape. Learning that his student had been taken to Coruscant and was undergoing torture by High Inquisitor Tremayne, Darrin planned a rescue mission to save his student before he could be permanently harmed. Infiltrating Coruscant, Darrin eventually located Corwin, and to the surprise of Darrin and the Imperials, Corwin was able to withstand the torture and not reveal anything.

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