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Dorsk 81

Dorsk 81 was a Jedi Knight of Luke Skywalker's new Jedi Order, and attended the Jedi Academy on Yavin IV during its formative years. Dorsk 81 was from a race of aliens who believed they had reached genetic perfection, the Khommites from the planet Khomm. Because of this, the Khommites created technology to clone themselves to ensure their genetic purity. Dorsk 81 was the 81st generation from the original Dorsk clone. With mottled green and yellow skin, no lips, and a flat nose and ears, Dorsk 81 was in every way identical to all eighty of his predecessors. However, unlike his predecessors, in Dorsk 81 was born something different; he had been given sensitivity to the Force.

It was this that led Dorsk 81 to believe and feel that he was somehow different, that Khomm was not his place, and his ultimate fate lied outside of the realm of his homeworld. Disliking anything different, the other Khommites did not approve of Dorsk 81's feelings, and looked to him as some sort of outcast. Nonetheless, Dorsk 81 made plans to leave Khomm and find his place in the galaxy. Training his successor, Dorsk 82, who surprisingly also had the power of the Force, for his occupation on Khomm, Dorsk 81 left his home planet, leaving Dorsk 82 to carry on his traditional duties. Dorsk 81 eventually crossed paths with Jedi Master Luke Skywalker who told him that he did have the ability to become a Jedi Knight.

Agreeing to go with Luke to Yavin IV, Dorsk began training to become a Jedi Knight among a dozen other candidates. At the Academy, Dorsk became quick friends with Kyp Durron who excelled quickly in their studies. However, a dark presence roamed the halls of the ancient temples where the Jedi trained. The force was the spirit of Exar Kun, millennia long dead Sith Lord whose spirit was trapped in the temples. Kun preyed on Kyp Durron to turn him to do his bidding, using his strength in the Force and his youthful innocence Kun used Kyp for his evil agenda. In fact, during one sinister incident, as Dorsk and Kyp roamed the jungles of Yavin IV, Kun lured them into a hidden Massassi temple, knocking out Dorsk 81 while teaching Kyp the ways of the Sith. Kun was eventually defeated, and Kyp eventually saved, and as time passed, Dorsk 81 earned the rank of Jedi Knight.

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