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Dorsk 82

Dorsk 82 was a Khommite Jedi during the time Luke Skywalker was attempting to rebuild the ranks of the Jedi Knights. The Khommites were a race of green-skinned aliens who realized that long before Dorsk 82's time, that their race had reached perfection, and proceeded to begin a process of cloning their citizens so that perfection could continue. Dorsk 82 was the 82nd descendent of the original, as well as descendent of Dorsk 81, who against all Khommite tradition left his homeworld and joined the Jedi Knights. The Khommites lived a simple life and cared little for matters outside their homeworld; that is until Dorsk 82's predecessor left Khomm and studied the Jedi ways under Luke Skywalker.

In time, Dorsk 81 brought recognition to Khomm, returned a world hero, and filled Dorsk 82 with pride to be a descendant from such an idol. As a youth, Dorsk 82 grew up learning the skills of Dorsk 81's old job: how to operate the cloning facilities on Khomm. Filled with the same excitement Dorsk 81 was filled with when he imagined far-off worlds and the vastness of space, Dorsk 82 demonstrated that he had the ability to use the Force as well, he realized that if he was up to it, he could follow in his predecessors footsteps and become a Jedi Knight. Dorsk 82 traveled to Yavin IV when the galaxy was at relative peace, there were no great conflicts at the time, and Luke Skywalker could devote his time to training new Jedi.

Arriving on Yavin IV, Dorsk was reintroduced to Kyp Durron, who he had met briefly on Khomm sometime before, when he and Dorsk 81 traveled there for a visit. Kyp Durron had been a close friend to Dorsk 81 and the similarities between him and Dorsk 82, made Kyp like Dorsk 82 immeadiately. Taking him deep into the jungle forest, Kyp took Dorsk 82 to see his predecessor's grave, as Dorsk 81 had become one with the Force defending the Jedi Academy. After a brief encounter with a jungle beast of Yavin IV, a descendant of Exar Kun's Sith alchemy thousands of years before, Dorsk 82 was resolved to follow in his 'father's' footsteps and become a Jedi, and Kyp Durron pledged his help to see that it would be done.

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