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Dresk Kist

Dresk Kist was a female, Slith shaman that lived on Yavin Thirteen, a satellite to the gas giant, Yavin. With piercing red eyes, Dresk was responsible for praying for the spirits of her clans ancestors and to the Slith's desert gods. She was also the First Mate of her clan's alpha male, which gave her authority over the other females and young of the clan.

In Slith society, the females performed all of the hunting and gathering duties, but it was unusual for the clan's shaman to participate in these activities. However, Dresk Kisk found the she excelled at hunting and would often sneak off while others were asleep to engage in this activity. On one trip, Dresk Kist ran into Rebel scouts searching the Yavin System for an acceptable location for their new base of operations.