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When the Jedi returned to Dantooine after their final hunt on Tatooine, Duron, Shaela, and Guun Han learned that, while the mission was declared officially over, rumors of terentateks had been coming out of Korriban. This proved an especially dangerous situation as Korriban was a Sith homeworld, and served as the final resting place for Sith Lords who had become one with the Force. The team sent to the dark planet would not only face the ferocious terentatek beasts, but resist the pull of the Dark Side. The Jedi Council on Coruscant had heard of the success Duron and his team had when working together, the bond they shared, and their habit for success. They felt that the three, through their bond, would be able to support each other in resisting the darkness.

On Korriban, after the conclusion of the Sith War, a small settlement and spaceport opened up to accomodate those of the galaxy who's interest in the Sith had grown from the war. The settlement was filled with the underbelly of the galaxy's citizens. Sith archaeologists and Sith wannabes hoping to gain acceptance into the Sith Academy. On Dreshdae, the Jedi immersed themselves among these seedy beings hoping to chase down the terentatek rumors. After a few weeks however, the Dark Side on Korriban began to take its toll on the Jedi. Duron started having feelings of regret for all the killing he had participated in. Through his telepathic link with the terentateks, Duron could feel their spirit, and could feel it when they died. All the death and destruction soon took its toll on his spirit.

Additionally, Duron began being plagued by apocalyptic vision of death and war. Where once again the galaxy would be engulfed in conflict, where Jedi would turn against Jedi, and the Sith would rise again. Duron wasn't the only one whose thoughts turned to darkness. Guun Han began to suspect that Duron and Shaela's feelings for each other were jeopardizing the mission. Shaela felt that Guun Han's concerns were coming from his arrogance. Soon, the Jedi were fighting among themselves. Whatever bond the three Jedi had shared, Korriban had broken it. Guun Han felt it would be best if they went their separate ways. During his investigations, Guun Han had learned of a possible terentatek on Kashyyyk and resolved to hunt it down while he left Duron and Shaela to finish up on Korriban. The Twi'lek Jedi had gained access to the Valley of the Sith Lords where the terentatek was rumored to reside and left the task of hunting it down to the Jedi lovers. With that, Guun Han left Duron and Shaela never to be seen again.

In the Valley of the Sith Lords, the two Jedi tracked the terentatek into the dark catacombs of the valley. But the Dark Side on Korriban proved too great an obstacle to overcome. Duron couldn't make contact with the beast who came at the Jedi with a particular ferociousness. During the fight, the monster grabbed Duron, breaking his body. The beast retreated, leaving Duron dying in Shaela's arms. Before he passed into the Force, Duron told Shaela of the visions he had been having. But, since the events Duron foresaw would not happen for fourty years, Shaela would have no way of understanding Duron's prophecies. With a final declaration of love, Duron passed into the Force and Jedi Knight.

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