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E'koth Tassjun

E'koth Tassjun was a Jedi Master of the Old Republic a few decades before the Jedi Purge. Tassjun chose as his Padawan, a young Jedi trainee who spent his entire life growing up in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. That Jedi's name was Ephaan Kenzon and proved to be an unruly and difficult apprentice. Many times, Ephaan clashed with his master on a number of matters, most numerous was the Jedi Council's stance on its involvement in political issues.

E'koth, as well as the Council, discussed the issue with the Padawan numerous times, however, Ephaan felt that the Jedi should take a more direct stance towards injustice in the galaxy. The rift between the Council's views and E'koth's Padawan came to a climax when Ephaan was on a mission in the Zeemacht Cluster. It was on that mission that Ephaan's disobedience proved to be too much for the Council to overlook. The issue was discussed with considerable concern and E'koth's Padawan faced possible expulsion from the Jedi Order. However, Ephaan felt that his views and the Council's would never be reconciled and took it up himself to resign from the Order.

After his resignation, E'koth's Padawan established the School of Hidden Wisdom, a learning center where he could spread his beliefs to others, as well as save those who where destitute and lost in their place in the galaxy. During the Jedi Purge, Kenzon, feeling a duty to the Order he once belonged to, took it upon himself to safeguard and secure those Jedi who seeking refuge from Emperor Palpatine and his minions, looking to wipe the Jedi's presence from the galaxy. When the Jedi's fire had all but gone out of the universe, Kenzon used what knowledge he had learned in his time with the Jedi to teach those with an affinity to the Force, giving them a basic Jedi training. In turn, those Jedi Knights he provided shelter for, protected him and his secret, feeling they owed him at least something.

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