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E'koth Tassjun - Page 2

During the rise and fall of the Empire, Ephann Kenzon, one time Padawan of E'koth Tassjun, managed to avoid capture or destruction at the hands of the Empire, and made sure that the supply of Force-wielders in the galaxy did not die out. When Luke Skywalker established his Jedi Academy on Yavin IV, years after the Empire had been defeated, a number of Kenzon's students were accepted into Skywalker's academy, and went on to be part of a new Jedi Order. While at the time, Kenzon's resignation from the Jedi Order could be viewed as a failure on the part of his Master, E'koth Tassjun, it ultimately, perhaps by the will of the Force, ensured that the Jedi Knight's presence was never truly extinguished from the galaxy.

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