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Elora Sund

Elora Sund was a female, Sullustan Jedi Knight during the time of the Clone Wars. At the height of the war, Elora was assigned to the planet of Jabiim to prevent it from falling into Separatist hands. Jabiim had undergone a civil war at the outbreak of the Clone Wars with the two sides supporting the Confederacy and the Republic respectively. Native Jabiimi Alto Stratus was given command of the Separatist army, which consisted of other Jabiimi rebels and thousands of battledroids supplied by Count Dooku. The Republic countered with an army made up of Jabiimi loyalists and clonetroopers commanded by the Jedi.

Elora was one of the many Jedi assigned to the Battle of Jabiim. While it was a backwater world, with no obvious importance in the galaxy at large, it maintained a strategic importance in the war and was heavily contested by both sides. So important was Jabiim, that dozens of Jedi Knights were committed to a single campaign. The Clone Wars took the lives of many Jedi, friend, sibling, Master, apprentice and the Jabiim campaign was no different. Elora had lost her Master during the course of the Clone Wars and was left orphaned due to the superseding priorities of the Jedi Order.

Since so many Padawans were left Master-less and without guidance, the Jedi commanders at Jabiim felt that these orphan Jedi might be able to help each other. Creating what was known as the Padawan pack, the group consisted of Padawans who had lost their Masters in battle. In the pack, Elora fought alongside of Jedi Knights Kass Tod, Tae Diath, Zule Xiss, Vaabesh, Anakin Skywalker, Mak Lotor, Windo Nend, and Aubrie Wyn. During their time together, Elora found herself bonding with Tae Diath as they shared their fears and hopes, comforting each other - a sign that the group was achieving its goal.

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