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Eno Cordova

Jedi Master, scholar, and archaeologist during the twilight of the Republic. Master to Cere Junda. Friend to Tarfful, Wookie chieftan of Kashyyyk. Dispatched by the Jedi Council to Ontotho to oversee the excavation of an ancient Zeffo temple in the Ontothon Fylar region. Failed to prevent hostilities between the Ontothon Parliament, the Daa Corporation's security forces, and the Fylar Freedom Fighters. Narrowly escaped with his life after awakening the Zeffo temple guards. Dedicated the rest of his life to unlocking the secrets of the Zeffo. Explored the Tombs of Eilram and Miktrull on Zeffo and the Tomb of Kujet on Dathomir. Plagued with visions of the fall of the Jedi, he warned the Jedi Council on Coruscant in vain. Gifted a holocron identifying known Force-sensitives by his confidante, Jocasta Nu. Hid the holocron in the Zeffo valut on Bogano. Entrusted droid BT-1 with clues to the location of the holocron who eventually encountered Order 66 survivor, Cal Kestis, on Bracca.