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Ereen Agar

Ereen Agar was a female Zabrak born with a sensitivity to the Force. With long, brown hair and lines of tattoos running across her face, Ereen was a typical Zabrak found throughout the galaxy, with the exception of her ability to tap into the Force. Ereen grew up in the Anobis system in a Zabrak colony. When she became a young adult, she was hired as a mercenary for a Mid Rim transport company to protect shipments from pirates and unnecessary hassle from law enforement.

One day at a small spaceport on Tatooine, pirates did attack. Thanks to Ereen, five of those pirates did not leave the desert planet that day. From this incident, Ereen's skills in combat caught the attention of a smalltime crimelord known as Vurrha, leader of the organization known as Vurrha's Blood. Ereen was hired to supplement the gang's muscle. With her connection to the Force, Ereen's enhanced speed and grace made the difference in Vurrha's organization.

As a mercenary, Ereen concentrated on improving precision when it came to her work. She disliked wasting time and energy and learned from Vurrha the virtues of ambition and patience. As Vurrha's hired hand, she secretly acquired wealth and favors for when the time came for her to move out on her own.