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Eremin Tarn

Eremin Tarn was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic during the time of the Clone Wars. As a young Jedi, Eremin possessed a strong spirit of independence and often found it difficult to submit to the authority of his superiors. He was apprenticed to the Gran Jedi Master, Maks Leem, with whom he trained for thirteen years. During his apprenticeship, Eremin Tarn's resistance to authority came through time and again making him one of Maks Leem's more difficult Padawans. However, Eremin was also a highly principled Jedi allowing him to eventually graduate to full-fledged Jedi Knight.

After the Battle of Geonosis, Eremin Tarn's principles as a Jedi conflicted with the Jedi's role in the war. He was one of many dissident Jedi who believed the Republic had lost the moral authority to be the ruling power in the galaxy due to increased degradation and corruption. Tarn's beliefs were not as extreme as those Jedi who advocated outright alliance with the Separatists, but they could not in good conscience support the war or the Republic, much less fight for either. Eremin and the Jedi who shared his beliefs were united under the leadership of Sian Jeisel. The dissension among the Jedi threatened a schism among the Order at a time when solidarity was needed the most, and Maks Leem was devastated to learn her former Padawan chose to disassociate himself from the Jedi Order.