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Fe Sun

Fe Sun was a Jedi Knight of the Old Republic. Apprenticed to the legendary Togruta Jedi Master and Council Member, Shaak Ti, Fe Sun was trained by one of the best in the Jedi Order. Unfortunately, shortly after Fe's trials and she was pronounced a full Jedi Knight, Fe Sun was killed by a ruthless young Zeltron named Lyshaa.

Even more unfortunate was the fact that Lyshaa murdered Fe Sun for the simple reason of gaining prestige and status among her Zeltron contemporaries, the prestige that came with killing a Jedi. Shortly after the murder, Shaak Ti was able to hunt down Lyshaa. Instead of killing her, Shaak Ti kept her emotions in check and brought Lyshaa to justice where she was sentenced to prison on the planet of Brentaal IV. That would not be the last time Shaak Ti saw Fe Sun's murderer however.

Years later during the Separatist uprising against the Republic, Shaak Ti was involved in the Battle of Brentaal IV. Fighting for control of a major hyperspace route, Separatists forces were began to take a clear advantage against Republic forces. Master Ti, however, formulated a plan that would win the battle for the Republic. Using the prison as an entryway and convicts as backup, Shaak Ti once again met face to face with Fe Sun's murderer. Putting Lyshaa's deeds behind her, Shaak Ti requested her help to defeat the Separatist commander, Shogar Tok.

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