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Felanil Baaks

Felanil Baaks was a Duros Jedi of the Old Republic. Born to parents of Duro, he was given to the Jedi Order when it was revealed he had a strong Force potential. At the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Felanil had the privilege of training under great Jedi Masters, including Jedi Master Yoda. Neither a warrior, or a diplomat, Felanil is best described as an artist or artisan. As an artist, Felanil's medium of choice is lightsabers. All his life, Felanil took a great interest in a Jedi's lightsaber: what it represented, how it fit into the nature of the Force, a Jedi's relationship to his or her lightsaber, etc., a great many questions.

Felanil spent much time with these questions and developed his own philosophies on the nature of lightsabers. Because of these interesting philosophies and ideas, Felanil was often asked to speak to young Jedi across the galaxy, including a class at the Almas Academy. At these presentations, Felanil would often stay to teach in more detail to any young student who was interested his ideas.

Felanil was not a master of lightsaber combat, in fact it was often said that he was a master of Form Zero, the wielding of a lightsaber without igniting it. However, some said, Master Yoda included, that Form Zero was the truest form of wielding a lightsaber, arguing that 'if you cannot wield a lightsaber without igniting it, then you should consider whether you are worthy to wield it at all,' to put it in Jedi Master Baaks' own words.

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