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Ferleen Snee

Ferleen Snee was an old Jedi Master during the golden years of the Old Republic. Operating far from the galactic center of Coruscant, Ferleen preferred the outskirts of the galaxy, among the planets of the Rim. There was a popular story told among Jedi and Jedi enthusiasts that highlighted the eccentricity of Ferleen. Deep in the fragments of the Rim, Ferleen Snee was found one day standing next to the renowned Muuntur Stones.

With stones floating around him and above him, the tourists and planetary security perceived a danger to those tourists around Ferleen as well as the tour buses that flew overhead. When approached by security, Ferleen only greeted them with the news that he was only 'practicing.' But, of course Ferleen had everything under control and no one was in any kind of danger whatsoever, and it was said that just one of the stones Ferleen was holding above his head through the use of the Force weighed an upwards of five metric tons.