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Glovan Thule

Glovan Thule was a mystic and a hermit who lived on the planet of Gelgelar so long he forgot even his own name. He made his home in the Shrine of Kooroo the only structure in the town made of natural stone, a rare commodity on Gelgelar. The shrine was a modest dwelling and the exterior was covered in an ever encompassing mold. By the time of the New Republic, Glovan Thule had grown into a humble old man sitting in his shrine on a pile of animal skins, in his tattered robes, leaning on his cane, and smoking his pipe.

To those who came to visit, he would dole out philosophy, wisdom, and advice. Many across the galaxy would make the pilgrimage to Gelgelar to visit with the Wise Man of Kooroo as Thule came to be known. In fact, Thule depended exclusively on the gifts these pilgrims brought for sustenance. It is unknown why Glovan Thule fled his former life to live out his days in solitude. However, as happened too many times before with those who were sensitive to the Force, Glovan Thule did not do any harm to the galaxy at large, but rather served as an inspiration to those who were exposed to his philosophies.