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Hart Daele

Hart Daele was a Jedi Knight during the golden age of the Old Republic. As a Jedi Knight, he was stationed on the planet of Damualer Triac in the planet's Samarine Province. In addition to being a Jedi, Hart was a theoretical mathematician. Being a Jedi and a theoretical mathematician caused some Jedi to view Hart as stuffy, but charming nonetheless. In addition to the intricacies of the mathematical world, Hart was also a keen Divoran Holochess player.

Not far from the Samarine Province on Damualer Triac lived Jedi Master Haaran Balmor, and the two were involved in a 40-year session of Divoran Holochess, played with notes, letters, and communication through the Force. Sometimes, when Hart felt that Haaran was not concentrating on his game, he would use a computer to make his moves. Of course the computer could not match his skill, and Hart hoped the drop in the quality of gameplay would result in Haaran being more attentive. Hart and Haaran's 40-year chess game is one of the stories that made the Jedi Master and his acquaintance famous.