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Ixian Rovieda

Ixian Rovieda was a Jedi Knight during the twilight days of the Old Republic. A Separatist movement was sweeping the galaxy, igniting conflicts between worlds and threatened to tear the Republic apart. It seemed that everywhere one turned there was some kind of conflict or problem occurring as a result of Republic versus Separatist issues. The Jedi Knights were spread thin, doing their best effort to help the peoples of the galaxy and to contain and quell the violence.

Ixian Rovieda was a Jedi Knight sent as part of an envoy to the planet of Kabal where riots were tearing through the city of Shoribus. A couple months prior to the Jedi arrival, the Trade Federation stopped all shipping to the planet due to the increased Republic taxation of the Sharlissian Trade Corridor. After a month of going without food, the citizens of Shoribus and Kabal began rioting in the city.

The central government attempted to control the riots by declaring martial law in the city, but still the riots continued with rioters attacking the Kabal Central Citadel and even killing the Kabalian leader, Premiere Jan Dovu. The Jedi sent a task force to Kabal in an attempt to help quell the riots. Ixian Rovieda was one among four Jedi who were assigned the mission, along with Plessus Ghon, Nygreena Clo, and Renxis Dielle.

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