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Jabidus Inspra

Jabidus Inspra was a Jedi Master of the Old Republic, during the time of the Separatist crisis. The Separatists, led by former Jedi Count Dooku threatened to tear the stability of the Republic apart. It was of great concern to the Jedi that the Separatist leader was Count Dooku, who left the Jedi Order ten years before the crisis because of his disagreement with the Jedi Order's relationship with the Republic.

For a decade Count Dooku disappeared from the galaxy proper and his reemergence was of considerable interest to the Jedi, especially with his apparent leadership of the Separatists. In the months following Count Dooku's return, the former Jedi led public orations on many lesser worlds arguing for the worlds to join him in the Separatist movement.

The Jedi wished to make contact with Dooku, but unfortunately he wanted nothing to do with them and constantly remained on the move. When the news came over the HoloNet that Count Dooku had been spotted in the Outer Rim area known as the Gree Enclave, specifically the planets of Asation and Lonatro. When the Jedi received this news, the Jedi Council on Coruscant put together a team of five Jedi, led be Jabidus and Jedi Master Ashka Boda, to travel to the Gree Enclave and discover Dooku's purpose in visiting the area.