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Jang Li-Li

Jang Li-Li was a female Jedi Knight that served the Order around the time of the Clone Wars. She was known for her striking, gray eyes and steady demeanor. She was a contemporary of Count Dooku before he left the Jedi Order to become the leader of the Separatist movement. Before her first diplomatic mission to Sevarcos, assigned to her by the Jedi Council, she went to Dooku to seek his advice regarding the mission. Dooku always held the Jedi in high regard, even at the time of her death when at a time when he was shrouded in the Dark Side.

During the Clone Wars, Jang Li-Li was targeted by Asajj Ventress as the pair fought in space with starfighters the weapon of choice. Like many before her, Jang Li-Li fell to the wrath of Ventress and was blown to bits. Rather than let the Jedi rest in peace and become one with the Force among the stars, Ventress took the time to collect her bodily remains and lightsaber as a morbid trophy. She delivered Li-Li's remains to Count Dooku at his hideout on Vjun, but was disappointed in Dooku's subdued reaction. Dooku then modified Li-Li's lightsaber to send Jedi Master Yoda a secret message requesting a face-to-face meeting. One of the Jedi Order's many stalwart Knights, Jang Li-Li would be forever remembered as such.