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Jastus Farr

Jastus Farr was a powerful Jedi Knight that fought during the Clone Wars. A behemoth of a Jedi with blue skin and muttonchops, Jastus Farr was one of the few Jedi Knights to survive Order 66 when the clonetroopers turned on their Jedi generals. With a death warrant on the heads of all Jedi, Jastus Farr went underground to hide until the time was right to emerge and face the threat of the Sith. Chancellor Palpatine had deceived the Jedi and finally exacted the Sith's revenge in the worse way possible. Acquiring their trust, Palpatine put the Jedi in a position that made it easy to deliver a killing blow to the order.

With the Jedi scattered and broken, Jastus Farr had to witness Palpatine's ascension to Emperor of the galaxy. As if this wasn't bad enough, a new Sith emerged as the Emperor's enforcer, Darth Vader, more powerful in the Force than any had ever seen. If Jastus Farr planned on confronting this threat, it was not a fight he could win alone. When Jedi Knight Shadday Potkin contacted him and invited him to a meeting of other survivors to discuss the future of the Jedi Order. Meeting deep within an abandoned mine on Kessel, Jastus Farr joined Shaday as well as Jedi Knights Sia-Lan Wezz, Bultar Swan, Koffi Arana, Ma'kis'shaalas, Roblio Darte, and Tsui Choi.

Many of the Jedi were eager to rush to action, to meet Palpatine and Vader's threat head on and with Force. When Koffi Arana spoke of revenge the conversation turned to a discussion on whether or not the Jedi had the power to confront this evil. Koffi Arana even advocated the possibility using the Dark Side to acquire the power to defeat them. Like so many Jedi before him, Jastus wondered if it was possible for a Jedi to walk a dark path without becoming ultimately corrupted. Seeing the conversation go nowhere, Shadday revealed her true intentions for the gathering. The Jedi did exactly as she expected them to - falling into their old habits of focusing on philosophy when action was needed.

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