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Jev Sunrider

Jev Sunrider comes from a family strong in the Force. Training to become a powerful Jedi, Jev eventually became watchman of the Darada System some years before the Sith War. In addition to this, he also taught his grandson and future Jedi Knight, Andur Sunrider, much about the history and lore of the Jedi Knights. He gave his grandson many texts about the Jedi, which Andur studied zealously. The day before his grandson's twelfth birthday, Jev had to leave with three other Jedi Masters to confront a growing evil in the nearby system of Krayiss Two.

It is unclear what exactly happend during the mission, and months passed without word from Jev. A year later, Andur and his family finally got resolution. Jev's grandson, Andur, was working in the garden one day when Jev's spirit appeared to him. Apparently the mission to Krayiss Two had claimed the life of Jev Sunrider, and he had become one with the Force. No matter what had happened in Krayiss Two, Jev Sunrider was never returning home. However, he had one final act as a Jedi he had to carry out. When he appeared to Andur, he relayed a cryptic message that Andur didn't quite understand at the time:

'It is up to you. You will play a part in the coming war. But do not resist the role the Force wishes you to play, for things are not always what they seem.'

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