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Joc Sah

Joc Sah was a human Jedi Padawan apprenticed to Jedi Master Sev during the Clone Wars. At the end of the war, Joc Sah and Master Sev were assigned to the Outer Rim planet of Ragmar V. The assignment was Joc Sah's first solo mission. Master Sev remained in orbit aboard a Venator-class warship to coordinate the troop movements and Joc Sah led the troops on the ground. On the surface, Joc Sah and the squadron of clonetroopers moved towards a settlement where a band of mercenaries sympathetic to the Confederacy hoped to repel the Republic presence on Ragmar V.

As Joc Sah and the troopers moved into the settlement, the area became a battleground with the fighting taking place in and around the homes of the settlement's citizens. Joc Sah eventually came face to face with the leader of the mercenaries and a standoff would have ensued were it not for the execution of Order 66. Joc Sah's clonetroopers opened fire on the Jedi and he was forced to take cover in a nearby structure. The mercenaries still hoped to fend off the Republic attack and opened fire themselves on the troopers giving Joc Sah a moment to assess the situation. His attempts to contact Master Sev failed as the Weequay Jedi Master was cut down by the clonetroopers aboard the orbiting warship.

When the mercenary leader found Joc Sah, he convinced the Jedi to join forces as it was obvious that the clonetroopers had turned against him. With a common enemy, the pair's chance at survival would only increased if they fought together against the clonetroopers. When the battle began, Joc Sah charged into battle against a band of outcasts. After his troopers betrayal, Joc Sah found himself one of those outcasts.