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Johune Othone

Johune Othone was a Jedi Knight during the chaotic war between the Jedi and Sith Lord Kaan's Brotherhood of Darkness. A former Padawan of Jedi Master Hoth, the man who led the Jedi forces against Kaan's Sith army, Johune was not present on Ruusan when Lord Kaan's treachery decimated both the Jedi and Sith armies. Using a thought bomb, fueled with the power of the Dark Side, both Jedi and Sith spirits were trapped on Ruusan for millennia and created a powerful well of Force energy.

After the battle, Johune Othone petitioned the Senate for funds to erect a memorial to the Jedi heroes that died on Ruusan doing their duty to protect the Republic. The Senate agreed with Johune's intentions and provided him with funding for his project. However, the Jedi Council disapproved of Othone's plans and felt that the Jedi who died on Ruusan were simply doing their duty as Jedi Knights. Additionally, they felt that such a memorial would draw unwanted attention to the site and felt it would be best forgotten.

Respectfully disagreeing, Johune continued with his plans anyway and constructed an enormous tomb and dozens of statues to honor the Jedi Knights who became one with the Force on Ruusan. The site became known as the Valley of the Jedi, but against the Jedi Council's fears, it soon fell out of knowledge and became forgotten. It attracted little attention and was soon only remembered by historians and Jedi Knights; even then, knowledge about Ruusan was rare. Nonetheless, Jedi Knight Johune Othone's work to honor those Jedi Knights who gave up their lives on Ruusan stood the test of time and remained for millennia as a testament to the carnage that took place.